I am a singer songwriter.

When I write music, I let out what I can't keep in.

I collaborate on my songs with wonderful musicians:

 guitar - Marko Zaletelj

bass - Luka Herman Gaiser

drums - Bruno Domiter

keyboards - Tom Hajsek


Theia Leto, a musician unapologetically embracing her unique sound, creates captivating mix of indie pop and alternative rock with electronic elements but can also captivate you completely with a stripped down version of her show.

Her introspective lyrics and authentic storytelling reflect her journey of triumph over expectations. With her latest releases, such as "I Wanna Be Ready" and "Save It For Believers," she is bound to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.  

Singer, songwriter, vocal coach, vocal arranger and producer Teja Letonja Hajšek (artist name: Theia Leto) was awarded in 2009 by municipality of city Ptuj as young musician of the year.  
In years 2011 and 2012 she was casted as lead singer in cabaret 'Women' by choreographer Božena Krivec.     
For 10 years she was the soprano in Slovenian most renowned vocal jazz quartet - Vox Arsana. With them she started her cooperation with 2 time Grammy winners New York Voices. In 2015 she recorded studio album 'Turn it up' with Slovenian national big band as the soprano of Vox Arsana.     
To this date, she has been performing in many European countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, France ... ) and in USA.     
While being a part of versatile musical projects throughout the years (solo, theatre, vocal group - performing with different musicians, bands and orchestras), she was missing the thrill of her own musical expression.      
Now she is creating her own music under the artist name Theia Leto with supreme musicians, aspiring to share and spread her music worldwide. 


Photo credit: photobysasha